Moisture Absorbent - Flower Dry Silica Gel

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Flower Dry Silica Gel

Silica Gel looks a bit like fine sugar, it is ideal for drying flowers because it draws moisture from the flower, drying it quickly therefore reducing the loss of colour and size and the end result is dried flowers which look almost as if they have been freshly picked.
The Silica Gel we supply is a mix of white and auto-indicating crystals - The auto-indicating crystals change from orange to dark green when the Silica Gel is no longer active.


Available Color: White, Orange


Orange (and it is a type which turns from orange to dark green when saturated, so it’s easy to tell if it’s still working. When it turns green),                



  • Silica gel is a desiccant
    which absorbs moisture from anything in contact with it – in these case flowers. It is used in creating dried flowers because it speeds up the drying process, and the weight of the beads reduces wrinkling

Decorating Ideas: These leaves are similar to pressed leaves, above, and can be strewn or massed for seasonal decorations




Most of the hydrangeas in this arrangement have been individually dried in silica gel