Drilling Equipments & Accessories


Drilling Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Accessories, cementing equipment, Fishing Tools & Down hole equipment, Air Compressors, Marine and Subsea Equipment , Offshore Instrumentation

  • Load Cell
  • Transducer
  • Rig Floor Instrumentation - Analog and Digital
  • Traveling Block Controller - Patent
  • Martin Decker® (MD TOTCO® Div of VARCO®) Equivalent hydraulic and electronic spare parts
  • Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Muds
  • Oil field Drilling / Onshore Land Drilling Rigs Equipments
  • Offshore Oil field Drilling Rigs Equipments
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Hazardous Area Supplies
  • Safety and Protection Equipment
  • Eye Wash




  • Metallic gaskets: spiral-wound gaskets, double-jacketed gaskets, ring-joint gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets: moulded, cut & punched items, membranes & diaphragms, accessory for drilling and pipes for oil industry rod wiper discs
  • Asbestosfreegaskets:glassfiber;ceramicfiber;braidedpackings
  • raised face and full face, seval graf preformed rings
  • Liners for butterfly valves: liners in rubber metal to metal, liners in ptfe