Water & Waste Management - Odor Control Systems

Odor Control Systems

Gas flow is passed through the carbon adsorption system including one prefilter (demister) and one carbon scrubber, by a fan located at the inlet of the system. The clean air is discharged through the stack installed on top of scrubber. Water washable activated carbon is used in this system to remove 99% of H2S gas.


Carbon Adsorption Technique

H2S removal is effectively handled until about 25% of the carbon pores are used. This is the breakthrough point where the carbon must be replaced. The carbon vessel is protected against static charge build up by grounding the conductive strip in the vessel. A differential pressure gauge is utilized to indicate the differential pressure in the scrubber.


The saturated carbon can be regenerated in site by water. The water washable carbon can be regenerated a minimum 4 to 5 times based on the use. Carbon life is a function of the type and concentration of contaminants in the air stream. The supplied carbon has capacity of 0.22 grams H2S per gram of carbon.


Carbon Adsorption Scrubber

Outlet concentrations out of the system is the best indication of the carbon life and exhaust air is regularly monitored to determine when breakthrough occurs.