Moisture Absorbent ( Silica Gel , Container Desiccant , Activated Alumina , Molecular Sieve )

Silica Gel

Silica gel is one of the oldest and most popular desiccant and adsorbent used for a wide number of industrial and consumer applications.

Silica Gel is a very porous form of silica gel with a great deal of internal surface area. It is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and chemically inert substance. It is a highly activated adsorbent that is available in numerous mesh sizes designed for many uses in industry. During adsorption, there is no chemical reaction in the silica gel, and no byproducts are created. Silica gel is non-deliquescent, and its shape and size never change. Its outer surfaces stay dry and it remains free-flowing, even when it is saturated with water.Read More»

Container Desiccant

Container Desiccant is a line of specially designed to eliminate condensation inside shipping and storage containers. By eliminating condensation, Container Desiccant easily protects cargo from mold, mildew, rust and corrosion while goods are in transit.

To protect a myriad of goods from costly damage by adsorbing excess moisture during shipping and storage containers to protect any number of products, including semiconductors, electronic devices, food, equipment, machinery, military goods metal components and many other valuables Container Desiccant absorbs moisture and reduces humidity levels inside containers, cartons or boxes to prevent your cargo from moisture damage. The moisture collected is turned into a gel when absorbed by the active ingredients. The packaging material Tyvek prevents leakage. All our products are Safe and easy to handle. Read More»


Activated Alumina Desiccant

Activated Alumina Desiccant
Activated Alumina Desiccant is a very porous form of aluminum oxide of high surface area which adsorbs liquids and gases without any change in form.
Activated Alumina is resistant to thermal stock and abrasion and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water
Activated alumina as a desiccant, will work by adsorption. The water in the air will stick to the alumina as the air passes through it. The water molecules become trapped so that the air is dried out as it passes through the filter. This process of regenerating the alumina is achieved when the activated alumina desiccant is heated, it will let go of all of the water stored in it, allowing it to be used over and over.Read More»


Activated Alumina for Fluoride & Arsenic Removal


Delta Activated Alumina Water Treatment Products are adsorbents which remove contaminants on a combination of chemisorption and physisorption and particulate (or physical) filtration for the removal of metal contaminants from water. Activated alumina, with its many types of adsorptive sites and high surface area, is the perfect choice for the adsorption of various unwanted minerals in water, with proven results for arsenic, high levels of fluoride, copper, zinc, lead and phosphates. There is also the potential for chromium, silica, selenium and mercury

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Molecular Sieve Desiccants

A molecular sieve is the most effective option for removing water from liquids and gases. Though older products such as silica gel and alumina desiccants have traditionally been used for such purposes, molecular sieve desiccants can get the job done with purer results.
Molecular sieves are uniform pore crystalline structure. Molecular sieves operate on the size exclusion principle. Smaller molecules that fit into the pores are adsorbed while larger molecules pass through. Molecular sieves have regular pore openings of 3, 4, 5, or 10 Angstroms. Polarity of the molecules matter because the highly polarized molecules are adsorbed more readily into the pores than non-polar molecules. Molecules are selectively removed in this manner
When a gas or liquid is passed through the mole sieve, smaller pieces are adsorbed while larger molecules pass through. Unlike other filters, the adsorbed substance is then trapped. Therefore, when water is used in the sieve, penetrating water molecules are caught and retained in the pores, leaving the remaining liquid substantially cleared of the water molecules. Read More»


Flower Dry Silica Gel

Silica Gel looks a bit like fine sugar, it is ideal for drying flowers because it draws moisture from the flower, drying it quickly therefore reducing the loss of colour and size and the end result is dried flowers which look almost as if they have been freshly picked.
The Silica Gel we supply is a mix of white and auto-indicating crystals - The auto-indicating crystals change from orange to dark green when the Silica Gel is no longer active.

Available Color: White, Orange

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Molecular Sieves for Glass Cladding 

Specially formulated Molecular Sieve Zeolite for adsorption of the water vapor in insulating glass to improve sound Insulation and heat insulation of glass.

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